Monday, 22 June 2009

DYNASTY: Steven & Bart Reunited (1/2)

"3 years after he left Denver, Steven Carrington is living in Washington with his boyfriend Bart Fallmont and son Danny. He is nervous when his father Blake who used to disapprove of his homosexuality (and who just got out of prison) comes for a visit.

TRIVIA: This awful "Reunion" series that brings the Carrington saga to a pathetic conclusion was conceived by the same people who created some of the best episodes of "Dynasty" in its early run, making the effort even more disappointing.

It aired on October 20 and 22 as a 4-hour 2-part mini-series. Although it was designed to open the door for additional reunion movies or mini-series, Joan Collins said in an interview, it killed any chance for "Dynasty" coming back to prime time again.

The casting of Al Corley (who originally played Steven in 1981 and 1982) was one of the continuity errors of "The Reunion." Unlike the other recast Carrington children, the replacement of Corley with Jack Coleman in 1983 was specifically addressed on-screen with a plastic surgery that changed Steven's face which was disfigured in an oil rig explosion.

Bart is also recast. Young actor Cameron Watson replaces Kevin Conroy (today known as the voice of the animated Batman) who originally played Bart in 1985 and 1986."

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