Monday, 22 June 2009

DYNASTY: The Love Story of Steven & Luke (15/15)

Having learned a valuable lesson from Luke, Steven offers his friendship and support to a closeted politician.

*SPOILERS* As many 'Dynasty' storylines, especially the latter seasons' ones, the pairing of Steven and Bart didn't really go anywhere, as Bart's homosexuality ended up being exposed in the press by Adam, thus ending his political career. He leaves Denver and asks Steven to come with him, but Steven opts to stay.

Two years later, Steven himself leaves Denver (actor Jack Coleman went on to star in a theater play), following a string of celibate storylines (the writers allegedly made the character celibate following the 1985 Hollywood AIDS panic).

I ended this online series about Steven and Luke with the coupling of Steven and Bart because:

a) they do end up together - they are seen in the 1991 'Dynasty' reunion mini-series living happily together with Steven's son Danny in Washington,

b) Luke is mentioned in the final scene for the last time; he had helped Steven come to terms with himself.

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