Monday, 22 June 2009

DYNASTY: Steven & Bart Reunited (2/2)

"In the conclusion, Sammy Jo wants Danny back. Later, after Blake manages to beat the evil Consortium in court and get his company and property back, the family gathers at the mansion in Denver to celebrate.

The producers said at the time "The Reunion" mini-series was conceived to allow viewers who had never seen "Dynasty" before to understand the show.

Unfortunately, that also meant most of the cliffhangers the fans were waiting eagerly to see resolved were not even addressed.

How come Sammy Jo is back to her old evil ways after growing into a sensitive character? How come she is modeling again when she inherited a multi-million dollar horse-breeding business at Delta Rho? What happened to her relationship with a young priest?

Whatever happened to Dex, who apparently didn't fare too well? What happened to Sable and her baby? Why did Fallon break up with Zorelli and how did she get back together with Miles? Who was the mysterious limo lady to whom the crooked Captain Handler was reporting to?"

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