Saturday, 7 August 2010

Will It Be Easier for Kids to Come Out in the Future? These Parents Say Yes

Would it be okay if your child were gay? That's the question gathered its parenting bloggers together into a nice little video to ask, and it gives a good sample of hopeful reactions.

Mommy blogger Maggie, for instance, recognizes that being gay isn't a choice. "You can't be raising your child gay any more than you can be raising your child to have brown eyes when they have blue eyes," she says.

Giyen points out the gay-boy-versus-gay-girl reaction differences, saying, "I know some people who would be devastated if their kid was gay. Especially, for whatever reason, if their son was gay."

Meanwhile, Rebecca says she would be less worried about her kids being gay in the city, where she lives, than in the suburbs or a place like the Deep South. "I'd be scared," she says. "There's a lot more anti-gay sentiment there."

We like to think the generation of parents with young kids now and the generation that comes after it will be crazy-good at accepting their own gay children, but no one knows until it's presented to them in real life. However, if these reactions are any indication -- even if they are from a liberal parenting blog community -- it seems it's only going to get easier for gay kids to come out to their parents.

Source By Zachary Wilson - QS (Queer Sighted)

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