Saturday, 7 August 2010

We Know This Could Be Shocking, But Kids from Gay Parents Are Normal

Over and over we see evidence that kids raised by gay parents turn out just the same as kids raised by straight parents. They're fine, physically, mentally, whether raised by two men or two women. But people are still so scared of something that is different from themselves.

A few days ago in Trenton, New Jersey, the National Organization for Marriage held a press conference rambling on about their usual topic, saving "traditional" marriage, preserving the sanctity of marriage, whatever. Meanwhile, Garden State Equality was holding an event of its own, letting kids of gay parents speak out about being just that.

What's so amazing when you look at these kids is that they're just kids. They're awkward. They're wearing Hollister t-shirts. They're fat, they're skinny, they're stupid, they're smart. They're normal kids, just like the kids of straight people.

And look at the parents of the kids. They worry about the youngins. They're affectionate. They snatch the mic away when one of the kids gets a little too attention-happy. They hold their kids like they are their kids. Because they are. Adopted, inseminated, conceived, it doesn't matter. These people are families, they love and take care of one another, and aside from the fact that there are two penises or two vaginas in the master bedroom instead of one of each, they're just normal American families.

The kids speaking about their families is touching, and something the rest of the world needs to see.

Source By Zachary Wilson and QS (Queer Sighted )

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