Monday, 16 August 2010

Wedding Season Beckons: Responsibilities of the Best Man

"Being annointed best man is a great honor. With great honor comes silly responsibilities. That’s not how the saying goes, but with wedding season upon us in full swing, it seems like as appropriate time as any to let you know that being best man isn’t all lap dances and charming speeches. There’s a little bit of work in there, too.

Depending on how one views it, the role of best man could best be described as consigliere, friend, wingman, confidant, or bitch. Most people will find that the job entails parts of each of those descriptions. It’s not that much work, but as long as you realize that this day isn’t about you and you’re here to get your best friend through one of the most important weeks of his life, it shouldn’t seem quite so daunting."

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