Saturday, 20 June 2009

Kissing Girls

Kissing Girls
Video sent by Ange-diable


J'ai fait la vidéo, mais Clips n'appartiennent pas à moi, par Casandra
Merci beaucoup à Casandra
"Beautiful"par un artiste russe Sergei Lazarev

Vous preferez quel titre (film et serie) :
(Lache commentaire)

1. Pat and Sheena (Bad Girls)
2. Maca and Esther (Hospital Central)
3. Brooke and Peyton (One Tree Hill)
4. Grace and Karen (Will and Grace)
5. Marissa and Alex (The OC)
6. Chrissy and Amber (Dante's Cove)
7. Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere)
8. Reena and Lisa (Chutney Popcorn)
9. Amy and Lucy (D.E.B.S)
10. Kim and Sugar (Sugar Rush)
11. Kaylee and Inara (Firefly)
12. Chloe and Lana (Smallville)
13. Paige and Alex (Degrassi)
14. Cassie and Roisin (Bad Girls)
15. Billie and Sara (Fastlane)
16. Jessie and Katie (Once and Again)
17. Nikki and Helen (Bad Girls)
18. Tori and Paulie (Lost and Delirious)
19. Cassie and Thelma (Hex)
20. Suzie and Kelly (Wild Things)
21. Mona and Tamsin(My Summer of Love)
22. Judy and Lucy (Eulogy)
23. Ridley and Vanessa (Nip/Tuck)
24.Elin and Agnes (Fucking Amal)
25. Mirand and Chloe (Secret Life of Us)
26. Bianca and Maggie (All My Children)
27. Nikki and Nora (Nikki and Nora Unaired Pilot)
28. Maca and Esther (Hospital Central)
29. Helena and Barbara (Birds of Prey)
30. Tina and Bette (The L Word)
31. Lucy and Amy (D.E.B.S)
32. Brittney and Maya (Wild Things 2)
33. Lucy and Amy (D.E.B.S Short)
34. Paige and Alex (Degrassi)
35. Willow and Kennedy (Buffy)
36. Will and Vivian (Saving Face)
37. Lara and Dana (The L Word)
38. Tori and Paulie (Lost and Delirious)
39. Xena and Gabrielle (Xena)
40. Christina and Fiona (Stingers)
41. Pat and Sheena (Bad Girls)
42. Spencer and Ashley (South of Nowhere)
43. Alex and Grace (It's In The Water)
44. Nikki and Helen (Bad Girls)
45. Cassie and Thelma (Hex)
46. Alex and Paige (Degrassi)

Bonne Lecture ;)

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