Sunday, 18 July 2010

Alexander O'Lachlan (Alex O'Loughlin)

Alex O'Loughlin was born and raised in Australia and has been acting professionally there for years. He stands about 6'2" and his nickname is 'Arod'. He is of Irish and Scottish decent and notes that his stepfather is Canadian. Alex's parents split when he was a young boy. His mother was a nurse and his father a teacher. He has one sister. He seldom had anything new because money was tight. He remembers feeling that he was disengaged from the world, until one of his earliest performances. He reported that when he the audience laughing, he finally felt connected. He attended the National… More Institute of Dramatic art and received in BA in Acting in 2002. His has some Scottish and Irish heritage in his family. Alex has a 10 year old son, Saxon, who is living in Australia.

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