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REMEBRANCES (MADAME ZELDA RUBINSTEIN - (May 28, 1933– January 27, 2010)

"Actress Zelda Rubinstein was taken off of life support at Cedar Sinai. The 76-year-old star has spent more than a month at Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where her liver and kidneys failed. A friend told, "It's only a matter of time now - she doesn't have long to live."
Rubinstein played the high-voiced psychic Tangina in all three Poltergeist films, as well as Madame Serena in the campy Teen Witch. She also appeared on a number of TV shows and horror movies, her last role as the Narrator on the reality series The Scariest Places on Earth. We'll all miss Zelda and her funny, campy, creepy roles."

"The 4'3 actress was best known to the public for her role as the psychic in Poltergeist who warned Carol Ann against 'going toward the light' and being consumed by malevolent forces that haunted the house she and her family lived in. Since Rubinstein lived a fairly decent long life, we can acknowledge that she is not a part of the infamous Poltergeist Curse that's plagued the cast and crew. It's like a Hollywood version of the people who opened King Tut's tomb.
She also played a pivotal role in the greatest movie musical of all time, Teen Witch. Rubinstein was the seer who realizes Louise is a witch and sets her on her destined path, which includes magicking her best friend into a rap off with teenage skaters and a long montage of her running through an empty house and being devirginized by the hottest guy in school. None of it makes sense but "I Like Boys" and "The Most Popular Girl" should have won like every Golden Globe, Emmy, and Grammy of the year in 1989.
But for me, she will always be the terrifying character from The Tales From The Crypt episode "The New Arrival". Rubinstein plays a woman who calls in repeatedly to a radio show hosted by a child psychologist who's about to get canceled. In an effort to boost his credibility, he decides to pay an in-house visit it to the woman, who claims she is suffering thanks to her rebellious child. Upon entering the house, he and his crew are under attack from the mother and the daughter, who runs around in a face mask giggling and killing. At the end, it's revealed that Rubinstein's daughter has been dead for forty years. IT IS TERRIFYING and ruined little people, children, laughter, and houses for me forever.
January 27, 4:43 PMLA Celebrity Headlines ExaminerSabrina Brody

She was also one of the first celebrity AIDS activists in USA.

“There is no death. There is only a transition to a different sphere of consciousness.”

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