Monday, 21 December 2009


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"With Christmas approaching and the year nearing its end, most people, no matter who nor where they are, would be making their way to the place they call home. I don't know what's the true meaning of Christmas, but it has definitely evolved over the hundreds of years to something that is now socially accepted, practiced, and embraced by virtually everyone, regardless of one's religious beliefs. I mean, really, I'm pretty sure Christmas wasn't supposed to be about decorating a coniferous tree, exchanging gifts, kissing under the mistletoe, caroling, or even spending quality time with one's family or loved ones. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Christmas just a day to commemorate the birth of Mary's immaculately conceived child? I suppose everything changes.

Wishes would be made, but most of all, resolutions. I think it's great that we make resolutions, but at the same time, it's sad cuz more often than not, we forget all about it a month later. I don't think many of us actually take the time to reflect on the resolutions we made exactly a year ago. Really, I believe now would be the perfect time to evaluate whether or not we've accomplished what we promised to do.

Thinking back, I remember resolving to be a true gentleman; not just a courteous reference to my gender and/or social class, but a person whose action conforms to a high standard of propriety and correct behaviour. A person who's careful with one's words and polite to not only members of the opposite gender, but to everyone around him, and gains his respect by respecting others.

Status evaluation? EPIC FAIL! If anything, I think I've become less of a gentleman than before. I ignore and show my lack of enthusiasm in communicating with people who bore me. I've lost my quality of punctuality which I used to take pride in. I'm nice to my friends and people whom I need (ie... ... ...), extremely nice to people I'm sexually attracted to, and not so nice to others; sorry ladies. I'm a perfectionist, I'm loud, and I love attention. I swear and curse ever so often and I cover up lies with more lies, though I have to admit that I'm truthful when I criticize; yes darling, you look fat in that dress!

So perhaps I shouldn't make new resolutions for the upcoming year this time 'round, but try to remember the ones I've made in the previous years and work on them instead... In fact, that's exactly what I'm gonna do!"


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