Friday, 7 August 2009


"Now who would have expected this little nugget of news.

According to several published reports on Thursday, a gay rights group out of New Orleans met face to face with members of a marriage and family commission appointed by Governor Bobby Jindal. It's called the Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family. Its goal is simply to promote the two. It was created by former Governor Mike Foster, with current members appointed by Jindal.

At Thursday's meeting, commissioners met with some of their biggest critics.

"The state of Louisiana shouldn't be kicking gay families, instead it should be doing what it can, assisting all families in Louisiana, and helping children," said Randy Evans with the Forum For Equality. It's a gay rights group out of New Orleans, promoting gay adoption and its benefits.

Right now the state allows single parent adoption. Some say it's an alternative way for gay couples to adopt."

Source: WAFB-TV and Focus (blog)

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