Monday, 31 August 2009

Blur - The Universal


"What do you do when you love someone so much it hurts, and yet, you cant bring yourself to do everything it takes to be with them?
Do you spend the 4 most important years of your life, tied down to what seems like an impossible dream, or do you accept it wont work, in the hope a friendship can be rekindled?
What do you do when you love and care for someone so much, that it kills you and tears you up inside knowing that they will feel the slightest ounce of pain or heartbreak because of you. Do you stick with it, and force yourself to go along with it, just for the sheer fact you cant face upsetting that person?
What do you do when deep inside you know its impossible, all your instincts tell you it wont work, but yet there's that one little niggling part inside you screaming at you not to let go.
Do you walk away from the person who loves you more than anyone ever his, who adores every part of your being...or do you stay, even though it wont be long before new problems arise.
What do you do when you have your whole world right beside you, but inside, you want want to explore the universe.
What do you do, when no matter how much you know, and tell yourself it wont work, it hurts like hell having to let it go.
What do you do, when you know its probably for the best to let it go, but youll never love, nor find someone who loves you quite as much.
Do you take the time you have, where you cant be together, and do what you want with it, with the chance that if its meant to be, it'll still be there when youre ready for it?
What do you do when you feel so mixed up and confused that you can find the answers.
What do you do, when you know you want to go out, have fun, and enjoy the single life while you can, but you dont want to hurt them, because you still care wholeheartedly.
Do you settle for second best?
Where do you go, when you feel completely lost, and there's nobody there to help you, when there's nobody who can tell you what to do, or how you feel.
What do you do when you are surrounded by people, and yet, you feel life you are the only person in the world."

"I love you like the stars above, I'll love you 'til I die" will always stand. No matter what.
Together or apart, I will always care for you.
I will always be your angel, I just have to spread my wings for the time being.
I only hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. And to see, that I will always be there."

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  1. Bom dia Fernandez...

    Obrigado pela visita, pelo comentario deixado...abração

    Ps.: O que Vanusa tomou antes da apresentação? Diz ela que foram remédios para Labirintite...tipo aquele 12 anos encorpado, com 2 pedrinhas de gelo...entende!!!