Friday, 26 June 2009

Maid of Honor

Maid of Honor
"While watching her ex-girlfriend Tisha prepare for her (straight) wedding day, Serena realizes there is a disparaging gap between the ritual of a wedding and true commitment. Tisha praises her wedding, but is willing to cheat on her fiancé. Unable to come to terms with her own non-traditional lifestyle and the modern construct of marriage, Serena risks her true love for honesty and attempts to carve out a place for herself in a world where romance no longer seems simple.

Honors: Atom Pro Video (Jul 1, 2003)
Channels: Cinematic Comedy, Romantic Comedies
Rating: "General Audiences"
Producers: Steven Friedland
Producers: Jennifer Arnold Score
Principal Cast: Ronald Trotta
Principal Cast: Matt Sutherland
Principal Cast: Gary Gardener
Principal Cast: Carolyn Andres
Principal Cast: Kehuanani Hunt
Principal Cast: Wendy Braun
Principal Cast: Amy Stewart
Principal Cast: Geritt Vandermeer
Principal Cast: Janet Lloyd
Stunt Coordinator: Patti Lee"

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