Monday, 22 June 2009

DYNASTY: The Tragic Love of Steven & Ted (1/20)

"Steven Carrington (Al Corley) returns home from New York to attend his father's wedding. Unbeknownst to him, Blake (John Forsythe) has already learned of his secret gay relationship.

These scenes are taken from the pilot episode of "Dynasty" which aired as a 3-hour movie event on January 12, 1981 on ABC.

According to an "Authorized Biography of the Carringtons" written by co-creator Esther Shapiro in 1984, the wedding takes place on Saturday, May 24, 1980.

The ABC television network was said to be very skittish about having a gay regular on the show.

Only a handful a shows had dared to do so before "Dynasty", including "The Corner Bar" (1972), "Hot L Baltimore" (1975), "The Nancy Walker Show" (1976) and "Soap" (1977)."

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