Monday, 22 June 2009

DYNASTY: The Love Story of Steven & Luke (12/15)

"Steven invites Luke to his sister's wedding in Moldavia. Later, he makes an important decision about their relationship. But is it too little too late?

TRIVIA: The royal wedding episode of "Dynasty" was its 5th season finale cliffhanger which aired in May 1985.

The episode generated record audience of 60 million people in the US, its highest ever.

Unfortunately, things soon went downhill from there, as the show's departing head writer Camille Marchetta painted her successors into a corner.

The actors, who jokingly referred to the fictional kingdom as "Mold-damn-davia" were not happy about this episode's twist as most of their contracts were up for renewal.

This iconic episode of "Dynasty" was also its most infamous ever, many fans believe this may have been when the show "jumped the shark."

Actor John James (Jeff Colby) has said: "That's when we went completely over the top, we ODed on camp."

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