Sunday, 1 March 2009

my way from Jörg Brönnimann on Vimeo.

feelings in word' ano de Dubai!

"My life has changed. It's hard to believe, just that finally taking that one step in my life could make such a difference. Every circumstance was pointing toward it, every turn of events pushed me closer to it, but it wasn't until I threw off all of the chains I'd locked myself up in that I really knew I could be happy.
I am happy. Every day now, I am surprised by a little more grace and contentment. Why? I have nobody's mistakes but my own to regret, nobody's fuckups to try to fix, no drama to watch and tell myself that I'm lucky. It's just me and the people I love, and that's more than enough. How was I so stupid not to realize it before?
Thing is, this giant sea change in my life and heart have made this blog feel... obsolete. Like a wool sweater that's a few sizes too small. Dishonest, even. I think it's time has passed."

* From.: My Confessions.

So, take care yourself. That's All.

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