Sunday, 15 February 2009

V V Brown - Crying Blood

Sometimes, I swear I truly have no luck. This weekend was just awful. Well, not the whole weekend, but for half of it. While out on Saturday night, I started getting an incredible headache. I called it an early night and went home to bed, but when I woke up on Sunday, my headache was even worse. Like a migraine. So basically I curled up in bed all day in the dark. I could not even think of eating, or doing much, so that is how I spent most of the day.

When I awoke on Monday, my headache was still there, but not as bad. But I was frustrated. I called in sick to work and decided to stay in all day again. But at some point during the day I was going stir crazy and needed to do something. So I decided to clean o meu quarto que ha dias esta uma bagunca! Nossa por aqui infelizmente o que posso dizer de Dubai, nao tem bons clubs, enfim mais estamos no Oriente Medio (Paciencia tem Limite). E como diz Miranda Priestly, That's All!

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