Monday, 23 February 2009

stereophonics-maybe tomorrow

"See what you have in YOU
Have you ever thought who are you?

What i mean by who are you is , do you actually know who you are? what is your strength, what is your weakness, what opportunity that you can use for your own good or benefits, what chance that you have, whether slim or big chance to break through or to change.

Some people can see who they are, some cant see it, and need other people to tell. Some, once incident happen to them, make them realised what they have and they may change it, some may not able to change it. It depends on you.

Am not a God and am not perfect either. But i try my level best to do what i can provide and deliver and be myself and at the same time not to do bad things to other. I hate fake people and being fake to others. Truth to yourself, don't lie to yourself and ask the truth from other about who you are. Sometime, the opinion you get, may pinch you most but that's the reality. True friends will say the right thing and bad friends will ignore you or make things worse when you in trouble.

So, what do you see in YOU and again......."


Anyway, That's All, Take care yourself.

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