Wednesday, 18 February 2009

If I Never Knew You (fandub)

"For as long as I can remember I've been truly alone. In every situation I've felt lonely and uneasy. As though a great weight was resting upon my shoulders, pushing me into the floor with the force of a thousand jackhammer's, pushing me so deep inside of myself, no-one could see the real me. Hidden in the internal, afraid to escape, afraid to re-emerge.

Then, at the depths of one of my moments of despair, a light and a hand from the angel I'd known for many years would be my saviour, would be my angel!

My angel soothes and reassures my tired mind. comforts and relaxes my tortured body. rescued me!

My angel is helping me, guides me away from the person I've become. I have no regret leaving this persona behind. It's brought me not much more than hassle and torment.

My angel walks beside me always, with my angel there I'm strong and I'm gaining a confidence that I thought was long gone. I feel young. I feel special. I feel like I matter.

My angel gives me meaning and purpose, helps me see my goals and makes me truly believe they're possible, there's real hope."

Thank's a The Novel you've been working on.

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