Friday, 27 February 2009

Golden afternoon

In other news, I am sure I said this last year too, but today I am starting some new things. I refuse to call them “resolutions” as everyone knows they don’t work. Instead, I am calling them “lifestyle changes”. The first change is to be healthier. BEBER MAIS VINHO...BEBER MAIS VINHO ...KKKKKKKKKK..... So I am mixing up some stuff. That is something I used to do almost every day but for some reason, I stopped mid-summer. Instead I started to buy very unhealthy meals (i.e. egg croissant sandwiches in the morning and COMIDA INDIANA in the afternoon). Today I have replaced that with oatmeal for breakfast and a turkey on whole wheat sandwich for lunch. This afternoon’s snack will be a banana. Boring, but healthy. Couple this will with my new found dedication to the gym AT THE NEW TERMINAL NOVO 3, PARA QUEM ME CONHECE, SABE DO QUE ESTOU FALANDO... (technically that has not started yet, but it will shortly), I hope to be back to my NORMAL LIFE a few months. PRINCIPALMENTE INSPIRADO em Alice no Pais das Maravilhas...ou melhor...FERNANDEZ em um ano de Dubai!!!

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