Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Flowering 2009 HD (touched by strangers)

"I seem to take more steps back than forward these days. I went to the Desert Adventures meeting and sat alone, not speaking to anyone, and really not encouraging anyone to speak to me. I know this is my doing. I'm really getting sick of the closet...I know this sounds counter intuitive, but I think I just need to leave it, to help let me leave some of the worries about being "discovered" behind me.
Something I have to work on making and maintaining friends...I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong (besides above).
Well that's it for now I guess."

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  1. Hi!! I saw you in Eric's blog...and I said..well let's take a look....and I found you. I don't completely get your inner problems because I have to read between lines...Are you gay and you're in the closet? Sorry, I can be rude sometimes...but I'm excessively honest and I can't help to say the things I think. I'm sure it is super hard, but you are what you are and everyone has to accept that. If they love you, they'll stay...if they don't...well, you're better off w/o them...
    I'll visit you again...
    I looooove the song you posted.
    Cheer up, man!!! Life is beautiful!!!!!!