Friday, 20 February 2009

Eliana e Adelaide Chiozzo - 'Beijinho Doce' (1950)

Happy Birtiday? I called the result "Happy Days"

I’ve loved music since I can remember, actually my mother when I ...Then when I was five I was in my first talent show and I sang in school and my parents ... number one song! But this song it's from 1950... Journal – my mother says intelligent people never get ...What was the first song you ever heard by... Make it hard to say... don't think i have one ot the moment...I have so many in my memory my all time favourite i guess ... Ok entao vamos la, decidi fazer uma certa restropectiva sobre algumas musicas que me marcaram nesta fase. E como diz Miranda Priestly, That's All! HAPPY BIRTHIDAY? NO, "HAPPY DAYS". Lembrando que nao canto patafufa nenhuma, mais tenho uma voz ok, nossa mais que metido que sou heim?(rsrsrsr)

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