Monday, 23 February 2009

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend - Moulin Rouge

"But what is it that I would find to be satisfying in life? Truth be told, there are a few things on that list. I should of course love to settle down with someone. It would bring me great joy to have someone with whom I could simply be, and all the other indescribable emotions of intimacy and security. I would love to have I would love to tell and invent stories for no greater reason than having a shared mythology with... And then beside that, I simply want to ...people. I don't want to live in the nicest neighborhood of whatever city I find myself in... I want to open my life to those who are... I want to take care of, as much as I can, the real needs of those who have them, and do not have them met... And I want a partner in that "crime..."

Looking at that, a lot of it is to... enfim...tem dias que te acontece algo que fica na memoria o dia inteiro...God knows I'm a long way from this. Pois vendo a atitude e a reacao de certas pessoas, fico passado as vezes com a falta de sensibilidade para com o proximo, e olha que nao sou muito bom para com estas coisas de fazer o bem, segundo os mandamentos seja de cada um nesta terra siga. Mais tenho observado algums acontecimentos na Praca de Alimentacao, aqui em Dubai...e fico com a cabeca a mil tem os absurdos que muita gente nem imagina que acontece por aqui"

* Resolving realities*

That's All and take care yourself.

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