Monday, 23 February 2009


"Now that I am an adult, I am hardly ever taken in by the kinds of magic tricks done by odd men in capes and top hats. Even if I can’t quickly discern the reality behind the illusion, I know it’s there.

And yet, sometimes magic comes in packages that we don’t expect. Sometimes magic comes in the form of a bottle of wine and a passionate night. Sometimes magic takes the shape of 984 miles of separation that keeps the reality behind the illusion from being seen. But in the end, there is always that cleverly disguised perspective on reality lurking behind every piece magic. We just have to be astute enough to find it.

What must be remembered, however, is that the reality behind the magic does not always kill the glimmer of the moment. Sometimes the reality behind the magic can make you see that what you mistook for one thing is actually something just as wonderful. My father was never really doing magic, but he was spending time with his son and making memories that would last forever.

I uncovered the reality behind a bit of magic this weekend. I pulled back the curtain to reveal the old man operating the switchboard. And yet, I am not sad. I am not disillusioned. In fact, I feel as though I am ahead of the game. I’ve seen the reality and I can no longer be fooled by the magic. I can move on with my eyes opened to the truth and enjoy what life has graciously dropped into my lap.

And one day, if I am lucky, a piece of magic will come along that will hold its splendor long enough to turn me back into that child knocking on that magical deck of card."

*Day in the Life*

Take care yourself, and como diz Miranda Priestly, That's All.

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